Escape and Rejuvenate: Discover the Mycelia Retreat OCT 24th to 29th 2024

In our fast-paced world, pausing to reconnect with nature isn’t just a luxury—it’s essential for our mental and emotional health. Wellness retreats like Mycelia not only offer a sanctuary away from the hustle but also a profound journey of healing and growth. These retreats provide a necessary pause, helping us return to our daily lives rejuvenated, more resilient, and ready to thrive.

Wellness retreats have become an integral part of my journey, allowing me to disconnect from the mundane and reconnect with my inner vitality. If you’ve ever experienced a retreat, you know how transformative it can be—from nourishing foods and daily physical activity to acquiring new skills and learning about yourself, all while being immersed in stunning natural surroundings. The connections made, the peaceful environment, and the deep dives into personal growth are what make each retreat a unique and enriching experience.

One retreat that particularly excites me is the Mycelia Retreat in the vibrant mountains of Colombia. The retreat’s ethos, symbolized by the mycelium, emphasizes the deep interconnectedness within nature and our own lives, fostering a powerful connection to the Earth. It’s not just about relaxation but also about nurturing our health and wellness through a “soil to soul” journey that offers both grounding and uplifting experiences.

The Mycelia Retreat supports local indigenous cultures, including the Arhuaco Tribe, with proceeds helping sustain their traditions and the environment. This retreat is part of a broader commitment by Ad Anima, founded by Mathieu François. Mathieu envisions the retreat as a bridge between ancient indigenous wisdom and our modern quests for healing and self-discovery.

Nestled in Selva Minca, a serene reserve, the retreat offers accommodations that combine natural elements, open-air spaces, and bohemian comfort — from tree houses to forest cabins. It’s an ideal backdrop for the diverse activities available, including yoga, meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, and sound healing—guided by skilled facilitators like Andrea of Gaia, an Ad Anima ambassador.

Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge in holistic practices such as breathwork, reiki, and energy medicine. Her personal story of transformation—from overcoming significant challenges to finding healing through holistic paths—deeply resonates with those on their own journeys of self-discovery. She, alongside Mathieu, leads the retreat with a focus on empowering attendees to weave the threads of their own stories into a tapestry of collective wisdom and healing.

The Mycelia Retreat isn’t just a retreat; it’s an opportunity to profoundly affect both personal well-being and global consciousness. Join us to explore how healing yourself can help heal the world.

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